Saturday October 19, 2019


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Volunteers are a treasured resource and their contributions make the AmberAlert4SocialJustice movement what it is. Should you wish to volunteer your time to AmberAlert4SJ you may be asked to assist our work through such things as:

  • Mobilizing more members for AmberAlert
  • Organizing AmberAlert4SJ events
  • Investigating Amber Alert cases
  • Prosecuting cases for victims of social injustice
  • Monitoring government institutions/security agencies as agents of social justice protection
  • Raising funds assisting our social justice education and awareness campaigns
  • supporting human resources
  • or loaning your own specialist expertise to an area of our work


Volunteers are generally recruited on a rolling basis either for one off event or as a core team member. We have volunteering opportunities as AmberAlert4SJ continues to grow. We currently have over 30 volunteers supporting the work that we do, making invaluable contributions to the campaign.

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